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The Oberwinkler House. Since 1676.

High above the Millstätter See.

Tribe and line of owners of the Oberwinkler-Possegger family

Wolfgang Oberwinkler

Son Adam Oberwinkler worships 1676

Son Michael Oberwinkler

Handed over 1718

Son Peter Oberwinkler

worships 13.11.1759

Son Peter Oberwinkler

Handed over 26.01.1795

Son Peter Oberwinkler

Handed over 21.02.1841

Tochter Maria Oberwinkler / Andreas Possegger

Purchase 15.12.1855

Son Andreas Possegger

Inheritance 02.10.1902

Son Georg Possegger

Handed over 10.03.1923

Son Eduard Possegger

Handed over 29.03.1954

Son Erwin Possegger

Handed over 09.02.1984