Holidays at the Berghof Oberwinkler.

At 1,240 m above sea level, in the midst of the gentle Carinthian Nockberge mountains.

Right in the middle instead of just being there.

This is how you experience the holiday season at Berghof Oberwinkler. When the farm dog Sissi, a Wolfspitz, joyfully greets guests on arrival at the farm between Mirnock and Millstätter See, you immediately feel well taken care of. The ducks and geese nimbly cross the path on their way to the holiday apartment. A visit to the stables with the farmers is definitely the highlight of the day: cows, calves, pigs, Pony Lady, mare Lore-Lisa and the rabbits are already looking forward to the extra petting of the guests.

In good hands. Tackle with joy.

At the Possegger's you feel welcomed and comfortable from the very first minute. Here, high up, it seems as if all is still right with the world. The appreciative and loving interaction between humans and animals is a matter of course. In addition, the family bond is great: several generations are constantly to be found on the farm and look forward to chatting with guests from near and far. Children find playmates of the same age and often friendships are made for life. Many of them are already like family members and come regularly.

When you wake up, the smell of fresh bread is in the air.

The wholesome and authentic production of their own food is a matter close to the family's heart. Farmhouse bread is still baked by themselves and also in several varieties. Not only the guests, but also the neighbours always wait impatiently until the time comes once a week and the delicious smell already welcomes those entering the house. Bacon, sausages, salami, whole milk and yoghurt are also produced directly at the Berghof according to a well-kept recipe. Have you ever watched? The door to the kitchen is always open to those interested.